We're redesigning money

It’s far too difficult for people around the world to save their earnings without losing purchasing power to inflation. Why should the economic decisions of any particular government or corporation condemn vast populations to economic uncertainty? Why does everyone need to jump through hoops and spend so much time and energy just trying to maintain spending power?

We see a new path.

We believe that crypto — specifically DeFi and real-world asset tokenization — are unlocking a world where people, organizations, and governments can preserve spending power with inflation-proof, stable, asset-backed currencies. A world where people aren’t required to devote so much time to managing their investments just to preserve the spending power they’ve already earned. Where anyone can choose how to allocate their spending power without the specter of people they don’t know or trust limiting their spending decisions.

ABC Labs builds digital products that enable and empower this world. We believe that small, ambitious teams can deliver an inspiring future — and if you think so too, we want to talk to you.

Our products

To build a world where money is secure, stable, and globally accessible, we redesigned some of its core attributes.

Our approach is to bundle real assets like stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, and more into an index of the entire world economy, and use that as money. We call such money “asset-backed currency” (hence the name ABC Labs).

Asset-backed currencies built on Reserve are called RTokens, and we created the Reserve protocol so that anyone can create them.

The Reserve protocol and its product ecosystem have already supported $5.76B in transactions, and there are four RTokens with substantial TVL. We’re excited to see how RTokens continue to be adopted by other protocols, apps, people, and institutions looking for diversification, overcollateralization, transparency in reserves, and yield.


Visit the dApp

The easiest way to access the Reserve protocol, interact with RTokens, and see the onchain activity in the Reserve ecosystem.

For builders: Create a currency backed by an array of ERC-20 collateral that is managed by the Reserve protocol and governed by RSR stakers.

For users: Explore what backs an RToken, how it is governed, and where the yield comes from. Transparency is the name of the game here.

For yield farmers: Discover where you can put RTokens to work in DeFi for additional yield (and risk!).

For arbitragers: Participate in protocol operated auctions for revenue, re-collateralization, or basket changes.

For governors: Stake RSR, make proposals for basket changes, vote on proposals, earn RSR yield. One-stop shop for RSR stakers to stay up to date on decisions.